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What Type Of Airsoft Magazines Should I Use?

You may already know that there are a variety of magazines available for airsoft. High-Capacity, Mid-capacity, Low-Capacity, and Real-Capacity (are the most popular types of airsoft mags. Which ones you use will depend on you and also what you are playing. In this article you will find out which airsoft mags you should consider and the differences between them. Get more benefit here barnes & noble coupon.

If you can find out how many airsoft BBs your magazine has, you will be able to tell whether it is high, mid, low, and real-cap (cap stands for capacity). A real-cap airsoft m4 magazine carries 30 rounds of BBs because real-caps carry the same amount of rounds as their real-steel counterparts (real-steel means real firearms). Low-caps carry a very small amount of BBs, but still more than a real-cap. High-caps carry the most amount of BBs. Before the days of mid-caps, there were only high-caps, low-caps and real-caps, but people wanted a mag that filled the gap between high, and low-caps. Then manufacturers came out with mid-caps which carry more BBs than a low-cap but less than a high-cap; mid-caps have since become very popular.

Which airsoft mag should I use is the question. Well, this all depends on you and what type of game you are playing. The two main types of airsoft games are MilSim and CQB (Close Quarters Battle). MilSim stands for Military Simulation and is played usually in the woods because of the realism. CQB is, as the name suggests, played in close quarters such as a building with a lot of rooms. People usually play MilSim because of the realism it involves. The magazines used for MilSim are more often mid, low, or real-caps because they are a little closer to the amount of rounds the military would actually use. There are a few advantages that real-caps, mid-caps, and low-caps have. High-caps rattle when you run, but mid, low, and real-caps don’t. Because players need to be very stealthy in MilSim, not having your magazine rattling all the time is a big plus. Many players also argue that when using low-caps it forces you to conserve rounds which adds to the realism and saves you money. CQB players have there guns on full-auto and need as many rounds as possible, so they often use high-caps. You will not have to reload as often in CQC if you use high-caps because they have such a high capacity. High-caps are very useful in a game, but they often destroy the realism involved in airsoft.

So, whether you use mid-caps, high-caps, low-caps, or real-caps is up to you. Low-caps and mid-caps should be used if you want to simulate the military as much as possible, fields and teams sometimes require that you use them. If you want to spray as many rounds as possible and hate having to reload, than high-caps are a good choice for you. If you want to do a little of both, than you might want to look into mid-caps.

Now you know what the difference is between high, mid, low, and real-caps and also what each is commonly used for. Whether you want to be stealthy and use low-caps or trigger happy and use high-caps, the choice is yours.

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