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Carpet Cleaning With Vinegar – There’s a Downside

Being in the carpet cleaning business, I see a lot of people do some crazy things to their precious carpets.

Recently, I saw a lady bombard her carpets so heavily with vinegar that when I walked into her home, my eyes started watering and I developed a craving for salad and potato chips.

“Foul stench”

It literally smelt like a cheap and dirty roadside diner, or a chipshop if you’re in the UK. Even though the bacteria levels were practically zero, the foul stench this vinegar left was not my idea of a clean home. Because vinegar is acidic, it can dissolve mineral deposits from all kinds of smooth surfaces. However, for most situations you should dilute the vinegar with water to avoid potential damage to surfaces and carpets.

I think this lady forgot that part.

It’s certainly a greener way to clean your home, especially cat urine stains on the carpet. Just be prepared to replace one ugly smell with another for a while, that’s all. But what many people are never shown is that the cheapest and freely available substance that is scientifically proven to remove dirt from your carpet is…

Good old fashioned H2O.

Yes that’s right, the stuff which is freely available on tap.

But the reason why people prefer to risk damaging their carpets with weird and wonderful “cover ups” or overpriced cleaning detergents is because they believe that water isn’t enough.

Under pressure…

And I admit – water is NOT enough to clean carpets by itself. If you want to clean a carpet with water, and save your carpet and your money in the long run, then you need to apply pressure, rotating brushes and heat along with that water.

There’s a reason why the carpet cleaning vacuums and steamers have become so popular these days… because the good ones only require water, leaving their pressure and brush technology to lift that dirt and remove those odors.

So next time you’re reaching deep into your wallet to shell out on that $30 per litre deodorizer, or when you arm yourself with that vinegar bottle, think about the cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternatives before you proceed.

It might just save your nostrils, your wallet and some of our planet too.

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